Want To Know The Real Cost Of A One Person London Office?

Working from home

Outdoor Modular Spaces - The real cost of your London office

One thing the Coronavirus has really highlighted is the time, cost, and effort it takes to go to work in an office.

Here are the numbers for a typical weekly commute from a Home Counties town such as Hertford to a London office:

Weekly Expenses

  • 13.3       Hours commute time (commute to station, parking, travel, commute to office, return journey)
  • £22.50 Average parking fee
  • £88.00 Average train ticket^
  • £36.00   Average spend on coffee (the cost of a Flat White at Costa is £2.40)#
  • £37.95   Average cost of lunch in London~
  • £69.64 Average cost of drinks on a night out (assuming one night per week!)+

£254.09                Average cost per week

£1,101.06            Average cost per month!

Now think about your salary.

If you add in the average hourly wage in London at £10.89 (based on £37,000.00*), the cost of your weekly commute goes up by £145.20! This bring a total cost of £399.29 per week and £1,730.26 per month just to commute to an office!

Now, if you rent a 1.2m x 2.4m 1-person WeWork office near Liverpool Street (with no window!), the cost of a 1-person office is £1,200.00 per month (vat inclusive) and generally works out at that cost per person per month (up to 10 people when you should start to get a discount).

With this additional cost, you are looking at a total cost of £2,930.26 every month!

So, there you have it. The true cost of commuting to London each month!

Now let us consider the cost of a garden office from Outdoor Modular Spaces.

Weekly Expenses

  • 0                             Hours commute time
  • £0.00                     Parking fee
  • £0.00                     Train ticket
  • £4.50                     Cost of coffee
  • £10.00                   Cost of lunch
  • £30.00                   Cost of drinks on a night out

£44.50                   Average cost per week                  Saving £209.59

£192.83                 Average cost per month!              Saving £908.22

Garden Office Weekly Costs

  • £367.65                 OMS 1 2.5m x 3.5m Floor Space (almost double the size of a WeWork office)
  • £12.00                 Energy costs
  • £5.77                   Broadband
  • £4.15                   VoIP Phone

£106.77                 Average cost per week                  Saving £170.16

£462.65                 Average cost per month!              Saving £737.35

If you work the 13.3 hours you would normally take to commute, you will benefit from a weekly income of £145.20 or £629.20.

Combined saving and additional income

£315.36                Average weekly saving and income combined

£1,366.55            Average weekly saving and income combined

If you are a limited company and working from home, you can claim part of the running costs of your home in your business accounts. There is more information on the Government website but it’s worth noting that you should make sure the space you use for work is not solely for business activities. By ensuring it serves as a dual-purpose room, you avoid capital gains tax.

Additionally, if you decide to purchase one of our outdoor buildings as a dedicated office, you will be able to offset the full cost against your tax liabilities (please note you will incur CGT).

Apart from the cost and time-saving benefits, there are enormous health and wellbeing benefits to working from home.

To learn more about how Outdoor Modular Spaces can help you achieve a better work/life balance whilst saving you time and money, click below or call us on 02039781200.

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