The Ultimate Guide to a Home Gym In Your Garden

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The Ultimate Guide to a Home Gym In Your Garden Oudoor Modular Spaces

We’ve all been there before. New Year, new start! The diets – Keto, Atkins, Paleo, and gym membership. Unsurprisingly gym membership take-up peaks in January, with few seeing out their contract or even maintaining a weekly session.

So, if nothing changes, nothing changes – right?

There are many excuses for not hitting the gym but for many it’s the lack of time – we all live busy lives.

If you’re young and single, the chances are you’ll find the time to go. However, for many others the juggling of work commitments with childcare commitments is too much and so the one thing that gets dropped is a session at the gym.

Covid-19 has brought our busy lives to a halt. Many more people are now finding the time to go for walks with the family or getting their running shoes out for an early morning jog.

Yet, you can’t beat a proper gym session.

Whether it’s lifting some weights, punching a bag or using exercise bands to increase your core strength, a dedicated gym is what keeps you motivated.

So what makes a home gym a success?

First things first, you need to map out and plan for the right equipment based on your exercise regime.

Consider the machines you would normally use in your normal gym – nearly all machines are available to purchase, rent or lease for a home gym. With our optional “6-Pack”, we’ll ensure that your machines have recessed power sockets close enough to each machine, meaning that you won’t trip over any loose power leads.

Music is another key thing for a successful gym – everyone loves working out to their favourite tracks, so we’ve designed our buildings to accommodate speakers into the ceiling or walls.

If you prefer a TV on the wall, playing music, sports channels, or news feed, we have you covered.

Is there anything more off putting than a hot, stuffy gym? It may work wonders for losing weight but the heat and subsequent smell, doesn’t make for an enjoyable session. As all of our buildings have the option for bi-folds, sliding or French doors, you’ll always have the option of fresh air circulating. If you prefer air-conditioning, we can install a unit so that you can regulate the temperature.

Want to see the results of your hard-work? Why not have a mirrored wall installed – we can decorate your building to your specification.

Lastly, if you’re concerned about the additional cost of purchasing gym equipment, we can help with our finance option. This would allow you to get all of the equipment you need and spread the payment over a period of time in line with your Outdoor Modular Space.

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