Meet the team

Our team is made up of highly experienced engineers, carpenters, builders and customer service professionals. We believe our team will help us become the leading manufacturer of contemporary garden rooms, through the delivery of beautiful designs and the very best customer care.

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces

Ollie Fusco
Managing Director

A design enthusiast, Ollie is a natural problem-solver. Overall responsibility for running of the business, he has been instrumental in creating the business it is today, developing the brand and exploring new concepts and ideas for the modular home space.

With an acute appreciation for design-led products, Ollie will be developing the portfolio of garden rooms, alongside designing new products. With a keen eye for garden landscaping and outside living areas, look out for new concepts like outdoor kitchens and covered seating areas.


CAD / Design 

Chamara is responsible for the CAD drawings prior to each build.

A highly attentive CAD specialist and all round nice guy

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces


Frank is a design genius!

He is responsible for our elevation drawings, and concept designs. 

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces


Muhammad is our incredibly talented garden building designer. He brings to life  our design concepts, from initial concept to full rendering.

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces
The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces


Alan and his team of qualified electricians' take care of all of our electrical work.

NICEIC certified, he runs a well oiled machine. 

Alan will determine the load capacity requirements for each of our garden studios, ensuring there's enough capacity in the main fuse board.

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces

Foundations & Groundworks

Dan and his team are responsible for all groundworks for OMS.

A highly trusted, third-party contractor, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge to the business, advising on all areas of hard-landscaping, groundworks and concrete foundations.

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces

Pre-Fab Build Team

Mick is the Guvnor of our build team - nothing gets past his eagle eye, nor his quick witted humour.

Islington born and bred, Mickey is a highly skilled carpenter with decades of experience.

Until they started winning we never knew he supported Arsenal.


An experienced, fully insured, licensed chartered accountant and qualified bookkeeper with great software skills. Julia keeps our accounts, taxes and finances in order.

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces

Team Lead

Sammy is a highly skilled carpenter, window installer and all-round expert  builder.

Sam works at lightening pace and has a real keen eye for detail.

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces


Mickey is in charge of dry-lining, plastering and any rendering work. An early riser, Mickey is a real perfectionist and his work reflects it - every job is always absolutely perfect.

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces

Glazing Specialist

Big Tom is our trusted glazing specialist. He has been fitting bi-folding and sliding doors all of his life.

Tom offers expert and honest advice on our glazing requirements.

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces


Our very own Welsh singing sparky! Mark is a cracking lad and clients love his friendly character, just don't get him talking about rugby!

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces

Installations Team 

In between a degree and running some major events in Manchester, Luca helps out and is one of the hardest working members of the team.

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces
The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces

Project Build  Team

Derek is part of Sam's team.

An experienced skilled labourer, Del has excellent all round knowledge.

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces

Project Build Team

Charlie is one of the key members of Sam's build team. An experienced labourer, Charlie works with the project team throughout the build.

The OMS Team Oudoor Modular Spaces

Project Build Team

Danny is a bit of an all-rounder. A decorator by trade (you'd never guess by looking at his shorts!), Dan is also experienced in all areas of construction, including groundworks, roofing and tiling.

Polite and friendly, he's a great addition to the team.