Retractable Aluminium Pergolas Metal vs Timber

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An electric roof on an aluminium pergola is like having a convertible car. The metal construction of these British-made garden structures demotes wooden frames to second place.

Larger gardens offer many aesthetic enhancing options when looking to expand your garden around an outside seating area. Arranging large pots with shrubs, and climbing plants and trees around your pergola certainly evoke a feeling of comfort and luxury.

Electric Roof Pergola Design and Installation in Essex and Herts

Our business is situated between Hertfordshire and Essex, in easy reach for us to visit you on-site and offer a complimentary consultation on how to showcase your garden with a Mediterranean feel.

How Motorised Pergola Roofs Retract In Seconds

The aluminium pergola has a series of horizontal slats or panels on the top, which form the roof. This roof is where the magic happens.

Motorised Mechanism and Power Source

These slats or panels are connected to a motor. When you press a button or use a remote control, the motor activates.

Once the motor is activated, it causes the slats or panels to either open or close. Imagine blinds on a window, but horizontally on top of your pergola. When they open, they let in light and air; when they close, they create a solid roof, providing shade and protection from the elements.

This motor is typically powered by electricity, which is why we call it an ‘electric roof’. Some models might also have solar panels as a power source, making them more energy-efficient.

You can easily control this roof either with a physical remote, a switch on the wall, or even through smart home systems in some advanced models.

Retractable Aluminium Pergolas Metal vs Timber Oudoor Modular Spaces

Imagine you have a lovely aluminium pergola in your garden or patio. It’s like a stylish outdoor frame with beams across the top. Now, add to this an electric roof – a bit like giving your pergola a high-tech upgrade. You could also add Bluetooth speakers to the structure, and colour me surprised, aluminium is available in a vast array of powder-coated colours and finishes. This durable surface coating technique allows you to colour-match your home if you have matching doors and window frames.

Additionally, if you intend on planting Wisteria, climbing plants or even fruit and grapes around the frame, a colour-matching option would add value to your home when it’s time to move on.

Hertfordshire Areas to Essex Towns and Villages

Hertfordshire is a beautiful county just north of London that offers the perfect setting for adding a garden room. Our local clients are in the regions throughout these areas, arrange for us to visit your home garden and we will bring brimming advice with no obligation:

St Albans – The cathedral city of St Albans is a picturesque and historic town located just 20 miles from London. Properties with generous gardens are perfect for garden room installation.
Harpenden – Located between Luton and St Albans, Harpenden is a charming commuter town with many period properties boasting ample outdoor space for garden rooms.
Welwyn Garden City – As the name suggests, this new town designed by Ebenezer Howard offers plenty of green open spaces for homes ideal for installing garden rooms and offices.
Hertford – The affluent county town of Hertford features beautiful Georgian architecture and large gardens, ideal for complementing with a garden building.
Bishop’s Stortford – Part of the East Herts district, Bishop’s Stortford’s countryside villages like Much Hadham provide idyllic settings for garden rooms.
Borehamwood – Located on the outskirts of London, Borehamwood is a key commuter town in Hertsmere district that offers quick access to the city while enjoying garden living spaces.

Essex provides the perfect landscape for installing pergolas and garden rooms. You can see from the map our service area, we are more than happy to pop in and have a chat with you.

Chelmsford – The historic county town of Chelmsford has many residential neighbourhoods like Broomfield and Writtle that are perfect for extra garden room space.
Colchester – Britain’s oldest recorded town, Colchester in northern Essex offers beautiful residential areas like Lexden ideal for garden room projects.
Brentwood – Close to London, the market town of Brentwood has many Essex villages like Ingatestone and Mountnessing where garden rooms can add value.
Saffron Walden – An idyllic rural town boasting period properties with ample gardens suitable for installing insulated garden rooms and offices.
Clacton-on-Sea – A bustling seaside resort, Clacton’s surrounding villages such as Holland-on-Sea are ideal for adding a garden room to enjoy the peaceful countryside.
Loughton – Surrounded by Epping Forest, Loughton provides a semi-rural setting while offering access to London, ideal for garden room living.

Retractable Aluminium Pergolas Metal vs Timber Oudoor Modular Spaces

Cleaning with water is easy to wash off dust and detritus. Wood requires regular sealing, staining and treatment to maintain its waterproof quality over the years. Aluminium is almost maintenance-free, offering a convenient ‘fit and forget’ solution that retains its good looks without the ongoing work.