Luxury Garden Rooms Design and Installation 2024

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Embarking on the journey to enrich your garden with a versatile outdoor garden room is an exciting venture. At Outdoor Modular Spaces, we streamline this process into a series of engaging steps, ensuring your dream space becomes a reality. Most installations do not require UK planning permission on your private property as a homeowner

Garden Room Free Design Consultation

Our initial stage is all about envisioning your perfect garden room. With a focus on personalisation, we delve into discussions covering potential uses, adherence to planning regulations, budget considerations, and the aesthetic appeal of your new space. Through electronic delivery of plans, we invite you and your loved ones to immerse yourselves in the proposed design, allowing you to visualise and feel the potential transformation of your garden.

Free Site Survey: Laying the Foundations

We begin every project with a comprehensive site survey at no cost to you. This crucial step ensures the feasibility of your outdoor space for the new structure, addresses any design queries, and documents specific installation requirements, all while navigating UK planning permissions and legal considerations. This service is offered with no obligation, prioritising your confidence in moving forward with us.

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Concept Design: Tailoring Your Space

Our garden rooms come fully equipped with internal electrics, designed for seamless integration with your home. This includes sophisticated lighting options, ample power outlets, and efficient heating solutions, all wrapped up in a package that allows the space to evolve alongside your changing needs. The choice of premium materials ensures your garden room is not only aesthetically pleasing but also thermally efficient and secure.

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Securing Your Installation Date

After agreeing on a broad design, we invite you to secure your installation date with a minimal deposit. This commitment allows us to schedule the build around your convenience, factoring in school holidays, seasonal weather patterns, and any other considerations unique to Essex and Herts residents.

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Final Touches: Design Completion

As your chosen installation date approaches, we guide you through selecting the final touches. This stage is crucial for ensuring your outdoor garden room harmonises with your home’s architecture, your garden’s layout, and the overall character of your neighbourhood.

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Luxury Garden Rooms Design and Installation 2024 Oudoor Modular Spaces

Hertfordshire and Essex Local Installations – Family Friendly Garden Rooms

Are you a local resident and know your way around the region? Hertford appeared in an episode of Midsomer Murders and the Hertford Castle overlooks the River Lea in the county town of Hertfordshire. Watford is a town is home to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour where Harry Potter fans can immerse themselves in movie magic through which the River Colne flows. Borehamwood’s history is intertwined with the UK film industry. Many iconic movies have been filmed at Elstree Studios here.

Stevenage is known as the first New Town in the UK and features striking mid-century architecture which also hosted the very first TEDx talk outside of the USA in 2009! The Cathedral in St Albans is a stunning medieval structure and the town centre showcases Roman ruins. We adore the River Ver which flows through the picturesque Ver Valley.

Hemel got its unusual name from the valley of the River Gade where hamlets merged together. Hemel Hempstead town centre features unique 1960s architecture and is a wonderful way to enjoy some retail therapy in the shadows of beautiful buildings lovingly preserved. Hatfield House is a grand Jacobean manor that hosted Queen Elizabeth I as a child. Did you know? Parts of Hatfield were featured in the TV series Killing Eve, of which we are huge fans.

Welwyn Garden City is described as a ‘Charming garden city’ and was the second to be built in Britain with beautiful parks and gardens. If you’re an active family, Cheshunt Lee Valley Park offers hiking, cycling, boating and more. And Cheshunt was once home to the deposed King Richard II.

Kids love Southend and the Adventure Island theme park, the world’s longest pleasure pier, and plenty of sandy beaches. You’ve probably also been to Clacton-on-Sea for a day trip or a Sunday afternoon, maybe tongue in cheek but we feel Clacton has a classic British seaside charm featuring sandy beaches and children’s amusement park rides along its pier. Bring your coins for the 2p shuffle in the arcades. Maldon is famous for its distinctive salt marshes and sea salt. The Maldon Mud Race sees daring racers tackle the sea at low tide.

Our commitment to excellence extends to laying the perfect foundation for your garden room, completed a week prior to installation. This preparation ensures a smooth build process, typically spanning 3-5 days, during which our dedicated team transforms your garden into a year-round haven.

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Your Next Step: Experience Luxury with Outdoor Modular Spaces

We invite you to explore the potential of your garden space with us. Visit our design page here on our website, connect with us on social media, or call to find out how we can help deliver a luxury bespoke garden room for you.