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In recent years, the trend of installing outdoor garden rooms has gained significant traction, especially in the Herts area, offering homeowners a versatile and stylish solution to enhance their living spaces. Whether you are looking for additional living space, a home office, or a place to unwind, outdoor garden rooms provide a customisable and elegant solution. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various aspects of these modular spaces, addressing common questions and shedding light on the key considerations for anyone contemplating the addition of a garden room to their property.

Garden Room Construction

Features and Customisation of Garden Rooms

One of the fundamental aspects to consider when investing in an outdoor garden room is the construction and features that come as standard. These modular spaces are crafted with attention to detail and quality materials. Standard features include timber cladding in Siberian Larch or Western Red Cedar, a rectangular window, and a 2m door set (offering the choice between French or sliding doors). The interiors boast practical elements such as an electric radiator, fuse box, three double plug sockets, and standard flooring options. Lighting options include downlights, a lighting track, or an LED panel.

Garden Room Size and Configurations

Understanding the size and configuration options is crucial for tailoring the garden room to your specific needs. We offer flexibility in terms of size, with the smallest building starting at 2m x 2m. For those looking to partition their space, this option is available for buildings larger than 10m². However, it’s essential to be mindful of regulations, as structures exceeding 30 sqm may require building regulations approval.

Height Options and External Considerations

The external height of garden rooms is a key consideration, and we provide standard options as well as an extended height option, allowing customisation to meet your preferences. For a flat roof garden room, the standard external height is 2.5m, with an option to increase the front height to 3m. The importance of proper drainage is also highlighted, with the front of the garden rooms designed to be the highest point. The ability to customise the external height adds to the versatility of these modular spaces.

Garden Room Design

Lifespan and Outdoor Room Cladding Options

The longevity of garden rooms is a significant factor for prospective buyers. These modular spaces are designed to last for over 30 years, backed by a 10-year structural guarantee. The cladding options, including Siberian Larch, Western Red Cedar and composite cladding, offer not only durability but also aesthetic appeal. The natural ageing process of Larch and Cedar adds character unless treated with clear UV oil.

Customisation and Bespoke Garden Room Options

For those with specific design preferences, we accommodate bespoke requests. Whether you desire a custom shape or have unique design elements in mind, a site visit and consultation are available to bring your vision to life. This level of customisation ensures that your garden room becomes a seamless extension of your lifestyle and preferences.

Exterior Finishes and Colours

External aesthetics play a crucial role in the overall design of a garden room. We provide options beyond the standard cladding choices. Millboard’s composite cladding, such as Envello Shadow Line, is offered as an upgrade. The RAL colours of windows, doors, and flashing are standardised to RAL 7016 Anthracite, providing a modern and cohesive look to the exterior.

Garden Room Installation Herts Oudoor Modular Spaces

Garden Room Electrics

Standard Electrics and Certification

Understanding the electrical features of garden rooms is essential for a comfortable and functional space. Standard electrical provisions include a 2-way consumer unit (fuse box), three double plug sockets, and internal lighting. We ensure compliance with regulations by providing a NICEIC electrical certificate, signed off by experienced electricians.

Additional Electrical Works

Beyond standard electrics, we offer the option for full electrical works, providing a quote based on the distance from the property’s fuse box to the garden building’s location. This comprehensive service simplifies the process for homeowners, ensuring a seamless integration of electrical components into the garden room.

Finance for Garden Buildings

Financing options are a common concern for those considering a garden room investment. We are FCA approved, offering finance plans over varying terms, typically up to five years. The interest rates, deposit requirements, and payment schedules are dependent on individual circumstances and agreements with finance houses.

Garden Room Flooring

The construction of the flooring is a critical element in preventing damp issues. We employ a design where the floor sits off the ground to avoid damp risks. The choice of flooring is customisable, with an underlay fitted. Underfloor heating can be installed in your garden room.

Outdoor Rooms Glazing

Understanding the glazing specifications is vital for both aesthetics and functionality. We provide double glazing with a thickness of 28mm as standard. This specification ensures that the garden room remains thermally effective, contributing to the overall insulation and comfort of the space. We also have the option to increase your glazing to triple glazed.

Security Features

Security is a paramount concern for homeowners, and the garden rooms are equipped with double-glazed doors and windows adhering to BS7412 specifications. High-security multi-point locks and bolts, along with a 5-lever locking system, provide peace of mind.

Garden Room Groundwork

Ground Preparation and Foundations

Preparing the ground for garden room installation is a crucial step in the process. We recommend a clean and level area within 200mm before installation begins. The foundation options include four tried and tested systems, with pile depths ranging from 300mm to 600mm. The flexibility in foundation depth ensures suitability for various ground conditions.

Existing Concrete Base

For those with an existing concrete base, we can accommodate this, provided it meets certain criteria. The base should be a minimum of 4 inches deep and free from cracks. However, it’s essential to consider the total height implications, as exceeding 2.5m may require planning permission.

Garden Room Installation Herts Oudoor Modular Spaces

Garden Room Heating

Garden rooms can be used all year round including winter, thanks to their excellent insulation. Standard heating features include a wall-mounted electric radiator, providing warmth throughout the year. Additional heating options, such as air conditioning and underfloor heating, offer further customisation.

Can I put a Wood burner in my Garden Room? 

While some people may consider installing a wood burner, the company advises against it. The potential complications with fitting a wood burner, coupled with the already effective heating solutions in place, make it an unnecessary addition.

What are U-Values and Thermal Performance?

Understanding U-values is crucial for assessing the thermal performance of a building. A U-value is a sum of the thermal resistances of the layers that make up an entire building element – for example, a roof, wall or floor. It also includes adjustments for any fixings or air gaps.

A U-value value shows, in units of W/m²·K, the ability of an element to transmit heat from a warm space to a cold space in a building, and vice versa. The lower the U-value, the better insulated the building element.

A building element’s U-value is extremely important as there are certain standards that should be reached according to Building Regulations / Standards

Our buildings are extremely effective against heat loss. The thermal performance of a building is measured with a U-Value. The lesser the U-value the better heat insulator the material is.

Glazing on Windows and Doors:  1.2
Walls: 0.35
Roof: 0.35
Floor: 0.22

Garden Room Maintenance

Maintenance considerations are addressed concerning the timber cladding covering the garden rooms. The pressure-treated and slow-grown timber minimises maintenance requirements. The natural silvering of the wood over time can be altered with wood stain or water-based UV oil for those who prefer a different aesthetic.

Does a Garden Room Need Planning Permission?

Permitted Development and Building Regulations

Navigating planning permission is a common concern for homeowners. Garden rooms typically fall under permitted development. However, considerations vary for listed buildings, flats, conservation areas, and regions with Article 4 directives. We offer assistance in preparing planning applications when needed.

Proximity to House and Boundaries

Understanding the regulations regarding the proximity of the garden room to the house, boundaries, and other structures is crucial. We can provide guidelines for maintaining gaps between the garden room and solid obstacles based on size, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations.

Garden Room Roofing

Skylights and Soundproofing

Roofing options play a role in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of garden rooms. We allow for the addition of skylights, providing an opportunity to bring in natural light. While total soundproofing may not be achievable, a sound pack is offered to reduce sound transfer, ensuring a quieter interior environment.

Garden Room Installation Herts

From Inquiry to Installation

The process of installing a garden room begins with an inquiry, leading to discussions about requirements and indicative pricing. Following this we will conduct a free on-site or virtual design consultation, design finalisation, deposit payments, and the commencement of works. The modular nature of the process ensures a systematic and organised approach.

Garden Room Design Consultation 

The design consultation is a pivotal phase, whether on-site or virtual. It involves an evaluation of the property, discussions about size and features, and the presentation of design options. We can accommodate various schedules for design consultations, providing flexibility for homeowners.

CAD Drawings and Additional Services

For those interested in detailed CAD drawings, we offer this service for a fee. 

Site Survey

Importance of Site Presence and Ground Levelling

It’s important for homeowners and decision makers are present for the site survey and design consultation. The site survey also evaluates the need for levelling and guides homeowners on necessary preparations.

Tree Removal and Preparation

Clearing the area for the site survey is addressed, with guidance on tree and shrub removal if obstructing the view. We advise sending photos of the ground under obstacles like decking, sheds, or garages. This proactive approach ensures a smooth process leading to installation.

Garden Room Bespoke Options

Wall Finishes, Painting, and Plumbing

Most of our garden rooms have a plaster finish internally which can be painted. We can do this for you at an additional cost. We can provide this for an additional fee.

Internet and Electrical Connections

When it comes to installing internet in your garden building, we provide two solutions – broadband plug extender or CAT 6.

Broadband plug extenders come with 2 plugs. For them to work, you insert the first plug into a wall socket (ideally next to your router), connect the ethernet cable from the plug to your home router, and then insert the 2nd plug into a wall socket in your building. This technique sends your internet signal over the power network of your home and imitates your home Wi-Fi in your building.

The other method is to run an armoured CAT 6 network cable from your router to your garden building. This will generally follow the same route as your main power cable and we can give you a quotation for this as well.

Can Solar Panels be Installed on Garden Rooms?

While we do not fit solar panels, it is possible. However, height considerations and potential planning permission requirements should be considered. The pitch of the roofs, set at a 4-degree angle, may impact the feasibility of solar panel installations.

Garden Room Installation Herts

As the demand for adaptable and stylish living solutions continues to surge, our modular garden rooms emerge as a seamless fusion of functionality, aesthetics and comfort for the modern homeowner. If you find yourself inspired by the possibilities these outdoor havens present, we encourage you to take the next step toward transforming your space. Reach out to our experts for a personalised design consultation, explore the numerous customisation options and embark on the journey to create a bespoke outdoor oasis that complements your lifestyle.

Contact us today and unlock the full potential of your outdoor space with a tailored garden room that reflects your unique taste and meets your specific needs. Your dream outdoor retreat awaits.