Following on is our A-Z of frequently asked questions to help you decide if an outdoor modular space is right for your garden. We hope to have covered most questions, however, if you require any help or need a particular question explained further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  1. What features come as standard in your garden buildings?

As standard, all the buildings are finished in timber (Siberian Larch / Western Red Cedar) or composite cladding. A rectangular window and a 2.3m door set (French or sliding door) allow for plenty of light to fill the room. Internally there is an electric radiator, fuse box, three double plug sockets and flooring as standard (see our flooring page for details). Completing the internal features are the lights – downlights, a lighting track, or an LED panel.

  1. Can you install separate rooms or partition walls?

Providing the size of the garden building is greater than 10, we can install a partitioned wall.

  1. What is the smallest building that you can build?

The smallest size of the building that we offer is 2m x 2m.

  1. What is the biggest garden room that you can build?

We can build a garden room as large as you want to, however, the structure will need support and this will be determined by the span between joists / walls. To keep within permitted development and not require building regulations you can build up to 30sqm. Anything over this can still be built under permitted development (so long as the room and any other outbuildings do not take up more than 50% of your garden). You will require building regs for anything over 30sqm.

  1. What are the heights of your garden rooms?

All our garden rooms are built at a height of 2.5 meters externally as standard. The front of our garden rooms is always the highest point, allowing water to run away into the drainage. The height of your building will depend on the depth of your garden building as all of our buildings have a minimum slope of 4 degrees to allow for water to run away. We have an option to increase the external height at the front to 3m

External HeightApprox height – frontApprox height – back
As standard2.5m2.2m2.2m
Extended height option3m2.6m2.6m
  1. Is it possible to dismantle and move my garden room, if required?

Our garden rooms are temporary structures and can be moved to another place. However, it is chargeable to you, and you should take this decision only after thoroughly contemplating the need to move.

  1. Can a garden building be attached to a house?

Unfortunately, we are unable to attach one of our garden buildings to a house, as they must be free-standing to allow for air circulation and to reduce the risk of damp. The good news is that it is possible to build one of our designs within 400mm of your house (or other structure), provided your garden room building is no bigger than 15m². Any larger than this, it is required to keep a 1m gap between the garden room and any structure.

  1. Can you build a lean-to garden room?

As our garden rooms have to be free-standing we cannot make them lean-to against any other structure. Nevertheless, we can build them within 400mm to your house.


  1. What is the lifespan of a garden room

Our garden room buildings are designed to last for over 30 years and come with a 10-year structural guarantee.

  1. What are your cladding options?

As standard there are three options for cladding – Siberian Larch, Western Red Cedar or an architectural composite cladding. Unlike the architectural cladding, Larch and Cedar will silver in time unless treated with clear UV oil.

  1. What are the exterior finish options for cladding?

As an upgrade, we offer variations to the above, such as Millboard’s composite cladding – Envello Shadow Line and would be happy to provide a bespoke quotation based on your preference.

  1. What are the RAL colours of the windows, doors and flashing?
  • Aluminium and UPVC doors and windows – RAL 7016 – Anthracite
  • Flashing – RAL 7016 – Anthracite
  1. Can I order a bespoke garden room?

Yes, we are able to build bespoke garden rooms, however, this would be priced accordingly.

  1. Can you make a custom shape garden room?

Yes we can build garden rooms that are a custom shape, however, a site visit and / or consultation would be required to understand your requirements and the location of the build.


  1. What electrics come as standard?

With all of our garden buildings, you will receive the following as standard:

  • 2-way consumer unit (fuse box)
  • 3 double plug sockets
  • Internal lighting (track or downlights)
  1. Will I receive an electrical certificate?

Yes. We will provide you with a Part P electrical certificate, signed off by one of our experienced electricians.

  1. Can you provide full electrical works to my garden building?

Yes, we can provide you with a quote to supply electricity from your property’s fuse box to your garden building. The price will be confirmed once our design consultant has accurately measured the distance from your property to the location of your garden building.

  1. Do I need to prepare any ground works for the electric installation?

Not unless you want to! We can include any ground works in to our quotation. However, you are free to complete this work yourself (we will provide you details of what needs to be completed).


  1. Do you provide finance plans options?

Yes, we are FCA approved, meaning we are able to offer you finance via our finance partner network

  1. Over how many years can I spread payments?

Typically, finance houses will allow you to spread the payments over 5 years, however, there are some variations to this.

  1. What interest do you charge on a finance plan?

This depends on the finance house, your credit score and term of agreement.

  1. How much deposit must I pay I choose a finance plan?

This also depends on the finance house, your credit score and term of agreement.

  1. Can I pay purchase a garden building through my company?

Although we believe you can, this is a question you should ask your accountant.

  1. When is payment due?

We ask for payment as follows:

  • 30% deposit is due when you place an order (less any holding deposit)
  • 30% is due 6 weeks prior to installation
  • 30% is due on start of works and sign off complete
  • 10% is due upon completion of works and sign off complete
  1. Is there a deposit to reserve the installation date of my building?

 Yes, we ask for a small deposit of £200 to reserve your installation date.

  1. Does the quotation provide by you include VAT?

Yes, all the quotations provided by us include VAT.

  1. What is the cost of delivery?

This will be dependent on your location. Please contact us for more details.

  1. How is my electrical quotation decided?

A design consultant from our team will let you know about the various options for running electrics. We check if you have enough capacity in your current fuse box, or if you will need to install a sub consumer unit. Either way we run an armoured electrical cable from the fuse box in your house to the fuse box in your garden building. All electrical work includes an electrical certificate (part P) signed off by an experienced electrician.

  1. Is there a charge for having a design consultation?

Both our on-site and virtual design consultations are free of charge. To book a consultation appointment, please click here to schedule with our design team.

  1. When is my final balance due? 

You need to clear your final balance once the building work is finished, and you have signed it as complete.


  1. How is the flooring made up?

To avoid any risk of damp, the floor of our garden building sits off of the ground. The span of your room will determine the depth of the floor joists we use. Once installed, the flooring of your choice is put on top of an underlay, which is fitted onto the joists.

31. Can I have underfloor heating in my garden building?

Underfloor heating can be installed in your garden room; however, owing to the excellent heat retention properties of the floor of our garden rooms there is no actual need for it.


  1. What is the thickness of your double glazing?

As standard, our double glazing is 28mm thick

  1. How secure will be the doors and windows of my garden room?

Our doors and windows are double-glazed to BS7412 specification and feature tough Pilkington K double-glazing, which is not only safe but thermally effective as well. All our doors and windows come with high-security multi-point locks and bolts with a 5-lever locking system.


  1. What groundwork do I need to prepare before installation can begin?

Before we start the installation, we would want the ground to be clean and level within 200 mm.

  1. What types of foundations can I get?

We use 4 tried and tested systems as each project differs from the last one. We have written a guide on our footings here. Our piles usually go 300mm – 600mm deep, however, in certain cases they may be shallower or deeper. There is no additional cost for the foundation and all this is included in the final price for the garden room. The base team assesses the depth on the day of installation.

  1. What happens if I already have a concrete base?

If you already have a concrete base it is perfectly fine as long as it is of the right size, minimum 4” deep and free from any cracks. Another thing to consider is if your base is too high the building may surpass 2.5m and will need planning permission.

  1. Do I have to pay for the installation and the base?

Our garden room prices include the cost of the installation as well as base, so you don’t have to pay for these separately.


  1. Are your buildings well insulated?

For excellent thermal retention, we make use of the best insulation and double-glazing. The thickness of the insulation is dependant on the size of your building. All windows and doors are fitted with Pilkington K™ double glazing. As a standard, our double glazing is 28mm thick.

  1. What comes as standard and what are the options for heating?

As standard our buildings come with a wall mounted electric radiator. In addition, we have a range of heating options comprising air conditioning and underfloor heating.

  1. Can you install a wood burner into my garden room?

Some people fit wood burners in our garden rooms; though, we don’t recommend it. We don’t fit or arrange for the fitting of a wood burner.

  1. During the winter months, will the building be warm enough?

Yes, our garden rooms are warm enough to use all over the year. Our buildings are well insulated and all of them come with a wall-mounted radiator.

  1. What are U-Values?

A U-value is a sum of the thermal resistances of the layers that make up an entire building element – for example, a roof, wall or floor. It also includes adjustments for any fixings or air gaps.

A U-value value shows, in units of W/m²·K, the ability of an element to transmit heat from a warm space to a cold space in a building, and vice versa. The lower the U-value, the better insulated the building element.

A building element’s U-value is extremely important as there are certain standards that should be reached according to Building Regulations / Standards

  1. How does this affect your garden building?

Our buildings are extremely effective against heat loss. The thermal performance of a building is measured with a U-Value. The lesser the U-value the better heat insulator the material is.

  • Glazing on Windows and Doors:  1.2
  • Walls: 0.35
  • Roof: 0.35
  • Floor: 0.22


  1. What kind of maintenance is needed on the wood covering?

As our timber cladding covering is pressure treated and slow grown, there is no need for any maintenance. With time, the wood will begin to silver off; nevertheless, if you are not happy with the colour, you can get it changed with wood stain or a water-based UV oil.

Planning Permission

  1. Do I require planning permission?

Planning permission is not usually needed as our garden rooms fall under permitted development. The majority of the houses, even in conservation areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty, have allowed development rights. Listed buildings and flats have no permitted development rights; therefore, planning permission will always be required. We have written some helpful advice in our blog here.

  1. How close can my building be to my house, fence, or obstacle?

For construction purposes, if buildings are 15m² or less it is important to keep a gap of 400mm between your garden room and any solid obstacle. For garden rooms, which are over 15m², there is a requirement of a 1m gap between your garden room and any solid obstacle.

  1. How close can my building be built to a boundary, fence, wall, or obstacle?

We can build your garden room as close as 400mm to any solid obstacle. For garden room buildings less than 15m² in size, there will be a requirement for a minimum of 400mm from the external walls of the garden room to any boundary, while buildings above 15m² need a 1m gap from a boundary to observe with existing fire safety regulations.

  1. Is it possible to have a garden room if I live in an area with an Article 4 directive?

Yes, you can still have a garden room. However, you will need Planning Permission to have a garden room built on your property. But, don’t worry as we are here to help you with this! Living in an area with an Article 4 directive means that your local planning authority has removed Permitted Development rights for your region. In this case, we can help you with preparing your planning application asking for permission.

  1. Do I need planning permission if I live in a conservation area?

In case you live in a conservation area, for your garden room to fall under permitted development, you would need to build it behind the rear elevation of your house. However, there is no need for planning permission if your garden room falls within permitted development rights.

  1. Can I still have a garden room even if my property or area has a restrictive agreement?

Restrictive agreements set conditions in the contract of your deeds or property to limit some actions, typically to preserve the aesthetics of an area. These restrictions can be for a restricted time and can be for both old and new homes. Our sales team will be happy to help you in these circumstances and suggest the best possible way.


  1. What is the first step if I want to get a garden room from you? 

Contact us here if you are interested in our garden room buildings, and we will send discuss your requirements and give you an indication of pricing. You can also contact us if you have any queries that you want to get answered. Once you decide to go with us, we will provide a free on-site or virtual design consultation service, which will help us to get a complete look at your location, and land.

  1. How can I order?

We will need a £200 holding deposit to hold your installation date. This amount is refundable until 12 weeks before your picked base installation date. Once we have agreed on the final design, you are required to pay a 30% deposit, followed by a further 30% of the balance 6 weeks before your installation date, after which the garden room is put into production. A final payment of 30% is paid on the commencement of works and 10% on completion.

  1. What is the on-site design consultation about?

Our design consultants will visit your house and have a look at your garden. They will evaluate the available space and let you know the size of the garden room that you can have. If you have any additional requirements in terms of electrical or network connection just let our team know and they will be happy to provide you a quote for the same. Here, the design consultant will also show you samples of garden rooms to choose from, carry a site survey, and answer all your questions.

  1. On what days can I get the design consultations?

You can have an on-site design consultation from Monday to Saturday. The virtual design consultation is available through the week, even Sundays. You can contact us here to get your design consultation booked.

  1. How much time will the design consultation take?

The virtual design consultations will take 45 minutes and the on-site design consultation will take a little over an hour.

  1. I have a decking, can I still have a design consultation?

Yes, our design consultants do not mind decking, sheds, or garages that may be where you want your building. We will just want you to get them removed before we start the work and send us a photo of the ground under these obstacles.

  1. What access do you need?

Our design consultant will need access to evaluate your property. Our roof and floor panels come in 1 metre wide panels. A 3m deep building will usually have a 3-4m long panel, therefore, we need to make sure that there is enough space for it.

  1. Will I get a quote at the time of my design consultation?

At the time of your design consultant, you will get a cost for both the garden room and the electrical/network connection. Later, you will get a complete price with no ‘hidden extras’.

  1. What is the average lead time for getting a design consultation appointment?

The average lead time for getting a design consultation appointment is usually 2-3 weeks, and an online design consultation is usually the same week.

  1. I live in a flat; can I still get a design consultation?

Provided you have a garden space, then yes! However, in this case, we will carry out a virtual design consultation first. Once we have determined the viability of installing a garden room at your place, we will go for an on-site design consultation. Pease bear in mind that flats do not have permitted development rights, and so you will have to apply for planning permission.

  1. Why the £200 deposit?

This is to secure a specific installation date.  

  1. How much time will it take for you to build my garden room?

It takes 2-3 weeks to install your garden room depending on the size and complexity. The installation is available all-year-round, and the lead times will depend on the season. However, there is an average 8-12 week wait for slots. At times, we have cancellation slots available, therefore, you should keep in touch with us regularly. Contact us to know our next available installation date!

  1. How long does it take a garden room to be built?

The base will usually take around 1 day to install. The building will be constructed after it, which will take 2-3 weeks to complete, based on the size.

  1. Do you provide CAD drawings?

Yes, we can do, although this is chargeable. These drawings typically take a week to be supplied and require a payment of £200 to secure. This amount secures your CAD drawings and counts towards your final bill.


  1. Is it possible to add a skylight to the building?

Yes it is possible to add a skylight.

  1. Is it possible to soundproof my garden room?

We cannot totally soundproof your building. Nevertheless, we offer a sound pack, which decreases the transfer of sound to around 45db, which is not totally ‘soundproof’. Even though we make use of the best quality acoustically laminated glass, this is the least efficient element of our acoustic pack. It is a fact that the more glasses you have in your building, the lesser the effect of the acoustic pack.

Site Survey

  1. Is there a need for me to be present at my design consultation?

We suggest all decision-makers be present at the time of design consultation. The design consultant will analyse everything and let you the size of the buildings you can have. They will design your room with you and so your input is required. After the consultation, you will know the exact price of the whole project and how to proceed.

  1. Is it important to level the area before you start the garden room installation?

There is no need for any levelling before design consultation. At the time of the consultation, the consultant will let you know much levelling is needed to start the installation.

  1. Shall I get the trees and shrubs removed before my design consultation?

There is no need to remove the trees and shrubs if you believe that the design consultant will be able to see and get to the boundaries to measure the area. If necessary this should be done prior to installation.

Additional Services

  1. What will be the finish of my garden room walls? Do you offer a plastering service? 

Most of our garden rooms come with a plastered finish (LRC, CDR, HQC range).

  1. Can you paint my garden room?

Yes, we can paint your garden room at an additional cost (price dependant on the size of your room). We can price this with or without materials.

  1. Can you install a toilet/kitchen in my building?

We cannot, but you can get the toilet/kitchen installed in your garden room. We will coordinate with your plumber and make sure that all required openings are in place, so they can efficiently carry out their work.

  1. Can you provide a plumbing service?

Unfortunately, we do not provide plumbing services, however, you can connect water if you wish. If you would like a bathroom, shower or toilet in your garden building then it important that any plumber you use is comfortable in carrying out all plumbing and drainage work.

  1. Can I get an internet connection to my building?

Yes, you can get internet in your garden room. We provide two solutions – broadband plug extender, CAT 6.

Broadband plug extenders come with 2 plugs. For them to work, you insert the first plug into a wall socket (ideally next to your router), connect the ethernet cable from the plug into your home router, then insert the 2nd plug into a wall socket in your building. This technique sends your internet signal over the power network of your home and imitates your home Wi-Fi in your building.

The second method is to run an armored CAT 6 network cable from your router to your garden building. This will generally follow the same route as your main power cable and we can give you a quotation for this as well.

  1. Can I get an electrical connection from my house to my garden room?

Yes, we can provide a total electrical connection from your house to the garden room at an additional cost. Our team will confirm this cost; however, you are free to use your electrician to get the electrical connection.

  1. Do you fit solar panels to your buildings?

At present, we do not provide the service of fitting solar panels to our buildings. However, some companies provide this service and you can contact them. It must be noted that these solar panels take the height of the garden room over the 2.5m permitted development, which means there are chances that you may require some planning permission. Besides, our roofs are at a 4-degree pitch, and in many cases, solar panels require a greater angled pitch.