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Installing a made-to-order garden room is one of the quickest ways to add valuable living space to your Hertfordshire or Essex property. Our workshop is based near Hertford, we hand build extended living modular garden rooms for work and leisure.

If you’re considering moving and want to add significant value to your property, our garden rooms can be built in under 3 weeks with no requirement for planning permission on your private property as a homeowner

Garden Rooms Installed and Made to Order

For those considering a move or seeking to enhance their current living situation, bespoke garden rooms offer a quick and stylish solution. Our workshop not only prides itself on bespoke design but also on rapid installation, often completing the transformation in under three weeks. The best part? No need for the bureaucracy of planning permissions. According to a 2022 Rightmove report, the demand for ‘office,’ ‘workspace,’ or ‘working from home’ spaces has soared by a staggering 326%, making our garden rooms a timely and sought-after addition during lockdown.

Designed by you, installed by Outdoor Modular Spaces.

Beyond the speed, our commitment to efficiency ensures minimal disruption to your household, with your new space fully ready within six weeks. Crafted for all-season comfort, our bespoke garden rooms boast full insulation, making them a haven no matter the weather. Imagine basking in the luxury of year-round usability, turning your garden room into a retreat for work or leisure. Enquire now on 020 3978 1200.

Are you a homeowner in Hertfordshire or Essex with an eye for the extraordinary? Consider a bespoke garden room as the unique touch that sets your property apart. These versatile spaces serve a myriad of purposes, each limited only by your imagination.

Transform your garden room into a personal fitness haven. Equip it with exercise gear and take advantage of the private space for uninterrupted workouts.

Expanding your living space with a custom-built garden room isn’t just about making your home bigger; it’s about making your life better. If you’re grappling with a growing family and the chaos of clutter, a garden room provides a practical solution. It’s like having a magic wand that creates dedicated areas for specific activities, giving your family room to breathe.

Creating Distinctive Garden Retreats: Outdoor Modular Spaces Transforms Herts and Essex Properties

In the heart of Hertfordshire, a home renovation revolution is blossoming – the rise of luxury bespoke garden rooms. At Outdoor Modular Spaces, we specialise in crafting exquisite, tailored outdoor havens that become a treasured part of daily life. For homeowners seeking to make their mark through distinctive design, our expertise positions us as the top choice in Herts, Essex and beyond.

Today’s garden rooms have evolved into so much more than just backyard sheds. These customised spaces now moonlight as home offices, private gyms, tranquil yoga studios, or entertainer’s dens. For homeowners, a luxury bespoke build is more than just real estate; it’s an investment in lifestyle. Our tailored designs blend high-end finishes with functionality, ensuring each client’s personality shines through.

Beyond expert design, our commitment to rapid installations minimises disruption so clients can start enjoying their new space within 6 weeks. Insulated, all-weather construction delivers cosy comfort in any season. Imagine basking in year-round usability – the perfect formula for productivity or peaceful downtime.

The Garden Room Difference: Spaces That Reflect Your Vision

For Herts and Essex homeowners seeking a unique, made-to-order enhancement, a bespoke garden room is the ultimate property upgrade. Moving beyond cookie-cutter options, these adaptable havens can match any aesthetic and serve endless purposes limited only by your imagination.

A garden room’s blank canvas awaits your creative vision. It’s not just extra square footage – it’s a flexible space for life enhancement. Here are just some of the popular uses for garden rooms among Hertfordshire homeowners:

WFH Havens, Backyard Gyms for Fitness and Yoga, Garden Studios For Mobile Hairdressers, Beauty, Kids’ Playrooms, Family Home Theatre and Overnight Guests

Create a tranquil workspace away from household hustle and bustle. A dedicated home office in your garden room lets you maintain focus and achieve maximum daily productivity. One of our installations was for the teenagers in the family to hang around in a safe space, engage in online gaming and group chat.

Transform your outdoor space into a private exercise zone. Style your garden room with equipment and take advantage of the seclusion for distraction-free workouts. Unleash your inner artist in a naturally lit studio ideal for everything from painting to writing. The peaceful ambiance enhances all creative endeavours.

Design a safe, clutter-free play space for children and free up living areas. Keep toys and activities neatly organised for hours of carefree fun. Expand beyond your existing rooms by adding a cosy lounge, mini home theatre, or entertainment space purposed for relaxation. Offer overnight visitors a private, upscale garden room suite for a memorable and comfortable stay in your backyard oasis.

Outdoor Kitchens, Alfresco Dining Rooms and Garden BBQ Summer Events

Install an outdoor kitchen or bar setup to dine and entertain beneath the stars. We can provide everything needed for the ultimate garden dining experience. Tailor your space for casual events when the Great British weather rewards us with sunshine. We have installed garden bars, outdoor kitchens and we plan to introduce other garden features including pergolas and garage options to keep your equipment dry and secure.

Our team is ready to help design and build your dream garden retreat.

The Outdoor Modular Spaces Difference: Blending Sutainability and Planet-Kind Craftmanship

With a vision to elevate outdoor living, we have grown into the leading bespoke garden room creator in Hertfordshire. Our success lies in understanding each client’s unique needs to design a completely personalised, eco-friendly haven. Sustainability and high-quality craftsmanship are central to our reputation, aligned precisely with your lifestyle vision. For our clients across Herts and Essex, it increases property value while providing a custom oasis designed just for them.

Built Around You: Our Consultative Design and Personalised Process

We begin by consulting with you to understand your vision and outdoor space potential. This collaborative approach continues throughout the design, construction and finishing – ensuring your garden room perfectly matches your dreams.

Our extensive portfolio showcases our expertise in creating spaces as unique as each client. Take the Ware homeowners who desired a garden office sanctuary – we delivered a functional yet peaceful workspace perfectly complementing their modern home. Every project proves our ability to meet diverse needs from Cuffley to Hertford and beyond.

Increasing the value of your property isn’t just a financial gain; it’s an upgrade to your overall living experience. A well-designed garden room becomes a standout feature, catching the eye of potential buyers and making your property more appealing. It’s an investment that goes beyond numbers, enhancing the quality of your living space.

Flexible usage isn’t just a fancy term for versatility; it’s about having a space that can adapt to your changing needs. Whether you need a quiet home office or a dynamic gym, your garden room is a versatile canvas that can transform based on what you require.

And the best part? No need to navigate the maze of planning permissions. Our professionally crafted garden rooms simplify the process, allowing you to bring your vision to life without bureaucratic hassles. It’s about making things easy so you can enjoy your new space sooner.

Is a garden room a cost or an investment? The answer lies in your circumstances and usage. However, one thing is undeniable – whether a home office, a snug, a gym, or a games room, a garden room adds intrinsic value to your property. Insights from a Goffs Oak estate agent indicated value additions to us in 2023. A garden room could contribute thousands to a 3or 4 bedroom house in the area. In locales like Cuffley, Hertford, and St Albans, this added value escalates for a large, high-specification multi-purpose garden room or annexe.

Adding Value to a PropertyTransform Your Home with a Bespoke Garden Building 

As you ponder the possibilities that a bespoke garden room brings, envision not just a physical expansion but a transformative journey. Picture the seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, where your garden room isn’t just a space; it’s an extension of your lifestyle.

Ready to embrace the extraordinary? Contact us today to start the journey of transforming your living space. Let our bespoke garden rooms redefine the way you live, work, and play.