Are Garden Rooms Warm Enough in the Winter? A Helpful Guide

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One question we get asked a lot is, Are Garden Rooms Warm in Winter? The simple answer is yes but it does depend on the design and build up of your room.

Learn more in this helpful guide we’ve put together for anyone looking to build or purchase a garden studio.

Are Garden Rooms Warm Enough in Winter?

Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular as a way to add extra living space and enhance outdoor living.

One of the common concerns when considering a garden room is whether they will be warm and comfortable to use during the colder months.

The good news is, with the right design and insulation, garden rooms can be warm and comfortable even in the depths of winter.

Insulation is Key

Insulating your garden room properly is the key to keeping it warm and cosy during the winter.

The walls, roof, and floor of your garden room should all be insulated to prevent heat loss and reduce drafts.

At Outdoor Modular Spaces, we only ever use high-performance insulation materials, such as fiberglass (Rockwool) and/or PIR insulation boards, to ensure your garden room is well-insulated and energy efficient.

Heating Options

There are several heating options available for garden rooms, including electric heaters, wood-burning stoves, and underfloor heating.

When choosing a heating system, consider factors such as efficiency, cost, and ease of use. For example, underfloor heating is a popular option for garden rooms, as it provides even and efficient heating.

As standard, we supply and fit a wall-mounted electric-radiator, sufficient for your room size.

Are Garden Rooms Warm Enough in the Winter? A Helpful Guide Oudoor Modular Spaces
keeping your garden room warm during the winter months


It’s important to ensure that your garden room has adequate ventilation to prevent condensation and dampness. Good ventilation will also help to maintain air quality and prevent the build up of harmful indoor air pollutants.

When designing our garden rooms, we’ve taken this into consideration. We install windows and trickle vents in all of our buildings to allow fresh air to circulate freely.

Design Considerations

The design of your garden room can also affect its warmth and comfort. For example, positioning your garden room to take advantage of sunlight and reduce the need for artificial heating.

All of our rooms are fitted with double glazing as standard but if you want to improve the U-Value of your room, consider adding triple-glazed windows and doors to reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiency.

If you’re considering building a garden room and want to use the garden studio all of the year round, then the points above should be taking into consideration.

Whilst some “garden rooms” are cost effective, you will find that they are not very well insulated. Some garden studios on the market, do not offer any sort of insulation at all! This will result in throwing money away during the winter months when it’s cold. Heating your garden room will be expensive and inefficient. Whilst the lure of a cheap garden room might be appealing, it’s a false economy as you will not be able to use them all of the year round.

Our garden studios, whether they are used as an garden office, a garden studio, a garden cinema room, a garden entertaining space or anything else, are warm enough to use during the winter months.


In conclusion, with the right insulation, heating, ventilation, and design, garden rooms can be warm and comfortable even in the winter months. If you’re considering a garden room, talk to a member of our team who will ensure that your garden room meets your specific needs and provides a warm and comfortable living space all year round.