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Do you live in beautiful Essex and want to enjoy outdoor living? The installation of an aluminium pergola is the perfect solution. Here’s everything you need to know, starting with foundations.

Understanding the suitable placement of a pergola is crucial. It’s essential to note that a pergola requires installation on a stable surface. Beneath the completed surface, there should be a secure foundation to which the pergola can be attached, such as a concrete pad. When opting for professional installation, we can include any groundwork in our quotation. However, you are free to complete this work yourself, we will provide you with details of what needs to be completed.

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What Groundwork is Needed For Pergolas?

Prior to commencing any groundworks, it is important to decide on the size of the pergola intended for installation. A detailed floor plan will be provided, facilitating an understanding of the precise placement of the pergola’s footplates. In the case of decking, additional joists can be incorporated beneath the decking to ensure a secure fixing.

Subsequently, the chosen surface can be adorned with tiles or decking. This approach allows for straightforward installation by pergola experts upon arrival, as they can effortlessly drill through tiles or decking in order to secure each footplate to the concrete pads or joists beneath.

Aluminium Pergola Installation Essex Oudoor Modular Spaces

Can a Pergola be Installed on an Existing Patio? 

If the intention is to attach a pergola to an existing surface, such as a patio or decking, it is advisable to inspect what lies beneath to ascertain its stability. Substances like sand, commonly used beneath decking, will not provide sufficient stability. Similarly, composite decking, without a stronger support beneath, may not be secure enough.

However, there may already be structural beams beneath the proposed footplate locations. While not inherently problematic, it is crucial that the footplates are positioned on structural beams of adequate width to ensure secure bolting.

Regardless of the surface type chosen for the pergola, a thorough examination of what lies beneath is essential. The pergola should not be left unsecured.

Installation of a Pergola with Sides

When incorporating blinds as a side option in your pergola installation, precision in levelling is paramount. Accurate measurements are essential for both the top and bottom of the legs to ensure optimal functionality of the sides.

Following meticulous measurements, the pergola legs can be securely bolted down before attaching any side options. This accurate approach guarantees a level foundation, allowing the side features to operate seamlessly as intended.

Do I need Planning Permission for a Pergola? 

Pergolas, classified as non-permanent structures, typically do not demand planning permission, as they are affixed to an existing surface rather than cemented below ground. Pergolas can be disassembled and relocated easily, generally exempting them from planning consent.

However, it’s essential to consider potential height implications on neighbouring properties. This should not exceed 2.5 metres in order to be classed as a permitted development. Placing pergolas farther from property boundaries is advisable, although not mandatory To prevent future conflicts, consulting with neighbours regarding sightlines is recommended.

Key considerations:

  • If the pergola is within 2 metres of the boundary, its maximum height should not exceed 2.5 metres (8’2″).
  •  Front-facing installations may require planning permission.
  • Installations in conservation areas or between the house and boundary might necessitate planning permission.
  • Properties designated as listed buildings may require planning permission.
  • Adding a pergola to a veranda, balcony, or raised platform might require planning permission due to height increases and complying with Building Regulations. 
  • If you’re at all uncertain, it is advisable to contact the local planning authority to ensure compliance with regulations.

How to Choose the Best Pergola

Contemplating the acquisition of a pergola involves understanding your aesthetic preferences and exploring the diverse range of options available. Our flexibility of sizes and heights caters to projects of varying scales. Ensuring the quality and durability of your chosen structure is paramount, coupled with the assurance of a visible and supportive team offering guidance when needed. Key considerations include:

Choosing the Best Size of Pergola

Choosing a pergola involves more than admiring its visual appeal; it’s essential to ensure it aligns with the dimensions of your property. Discovering the perfect pergola should not be overshadowed by the disappointment of it not fitting seamlessly into your garden space. Keep in mind that the total square meterage of all gardens cannot exceed 50% of your land, therefore if you have other outbuildings, the total usable space will be reduced.

Choosing the Best Position

Beyond basic dimensions, consider any natural obstacles within your garden. Overhanging trees or uneven terrain might pose challenges, impacting the type of pergola suitable for installation. While these obstacles need not be deterrents, they influence the selection process.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of industrial-grade, rust-resistant aluminium for all pergola components. Avoiding steel eliminates concerns about rusting. A secure surface foundation is crucial, emphasising the importance of opting for our professional installation service for a flawless finish.

Understanding your garden’s response to weather conditions is key. Whether you seek more wind cover than sunlight protection, consider the addition of outdoor blinds or the preference for open sides and vented panels to tailor your pergola to local weather nuances.

Retractable Roof Pergolas

For unparalleled convenience, a motorised electric pergola roof offers adaptability to sunlight, shade, or weather protection. While a louvred pergola roof does a great job, a retractable option provides an alternative with a convenient mechanism. Many of our pergolas come with a motorised roof.

Regardless of your chosen pergola type, it signifies an investment in a striking garden feature.

Aluminium Pergola Installation Essex Oudoor Modular Spaces

Pergola Installation Essex – How to Choose Your Installer

When choosing a Pergola Installer, there are some considerations you should make.

Can the Company Provide Foundations? 

When investing in a pergola, it’s essential to seek guidance on foundations. A reputable company should, at least, offer valuable insights into the appropriate foundation requirements for your specific pergola, ensuring a secure and long-lasting structure.

Can the company provide floorplans for DIY groundwork?

If not providing the groundwork, a reliable pergola provider should be capable of furnishing detailed floorplans that precisely outline leg placement and orientation. This documentation is instrumental in facilitating a seamless installation process, ensuring the correct positioning of pergola components.

Does the Company Install Pergolas for You? 

Ideally, the company you choose should have an in-house installation team dedicated to pergola installations, distinct from mere delivery drivers. A specialised installation team enhances the likelihood of a precise and secure assembly.

Is the Company Insured?  

Ensuring that the company has proper insurance coverage for pergola installations is crucial. This safeguard provides reassurance that any unforeseen issues during installation are covered, offering protection for both the company and the customer.

Does the Company have first-hand knowledge? 

A pergola supplier with first-hand product knowledge is better equipped to assist customers in making informed decisions. Ensure that the company’s staff possesses comprehensive knowledge about the pergola products they offer, enabling them to provide accurate and helpful guidance to customers.

Aluminium Pergola Installation Essex

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